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Korean Soju Training Guide Forms

Before serving Korean Soju by the bottle to tables of two or more customers over the age of 21, please use “Korean Soju Training Guide forms” below links.

Click on “English Version

Click on “Korean Version

Click on “Application for Soju Endorsement

Please listen to a report from Radio Hankook about the Education Session held on 7/15/19 and an interview with Kim Sauer, Program Manager at WLCB.

Click on “Report

It has sold 100 million bottles within the first
7months (that’s 4 bottles sold every 1.54 seconds)!

The new Jinro has a mild and clean taste which makes drinking pleasant and enjoyable. It is much lighter and smoother with an alcoholic content of 16.9 percent to appeal to young customers who prefer low-alcohol drinks.