Sake Advisor Certificate Course

Sake Advisor Certificate Course – Date: TBD

Total 10 Hours Lecture w/ Study Guide
Four days x 2.5hrs, Two days x 5hrs amount: $TBD

This Sake Adviser Course is an entry-level qualification in Sake offered by SSI Certified Sake Instructors (Nihonshugaku-koshi) worldwide and certified by the SSI in Japan.

It is aimed at people who are interested in Sake and want to learn more about Sake. The Course gives a basic grounding in sake history, production, styles, regionality, understanding labels, serving, storing, and sake culture. Participants who successfully complete the course will receive a SSI Sake Adviser certificate. Instructor : Toshio Ueno (Certified Sake Instructor)

It has sold 100 million bottles within the first
7months (that’s 4 bottles sold every 1.54 seconds)!

The new Jinro has a mild and clean taste which makes drinking pleasant and enjoyable. It is much lighter and smoother with an alcoholic content of 16.9 percent to appeal to young customers who prefer low-alcohol drinks.