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Hite Stout Pitcher 1.6L

As the first and only dark beer bottled in Korea, STOUT uses only the highest quality dark hops from Germany for a deep and robust taste. Flavorful, smooth, with rich creamy head. Alcohol: 5.0%

Fruit Soju

Hite Jinro Grapefruit Soju & Green Grape Soju   (So Good!)

Jinro is one of the most famous soju manufacturer, yet they were rather late in their entry into the fruit soju race. Regardless of their delayed product launch, both fruity soju are very popular.



KOOKSOONDANG SSAL MAKGULRI:  3 kinds (Banana, Citron, Peach)

Enjoy fruity Makkoli with a unique blend of fresh banana, citron, or peach extract. It has rich amino acids carefully fermented from only the highest quality ingredients available. Using an extended fermentation process, the taste and aroma of this wine has been richly refined.  Main ingredient is 100% rice.   Alcohol4%



Seoul Jangsoo Sang Makgeolli

SEOUL JANGSOO SANG MAKGEOLLI contains living, fresh yeast fungi. Produced with polished rice in a long-term, low-temperature fermentation process. Sang Makgeolli boasts an excellent favor and ‘cool’ texture added to the carbonic acid from the natural fermentation. Alcohol: 6%



Bohae Brother Soda & Brother Apple

Brother Soda is a sparkling white wine, a new style of wine that is made by white wine with sparkling soda flavor. It has a soft soda flavor with sparkling carbonation.  Alcohol: 3%



Award Winning Premium Bai Jiu Gold & Silver labels

Moutai Bai Jiu is proudly renowned as the national drink of China. Brewed in the same region for over two millennia, Moutai Bai Jiu contains only the natural growing sorghum of the local valleys and water from the Chishui River. Brewing the liquor is never rushed therefore, quality is never compromised. The unique climate of this region along with the stringent production has created liquor with an exotic flavor, rich with a magical aroma that has been enjoyed for centuries.



Xi Feng Jiu – 1956

Xi Feng Jiu is made with premium sorghums, wheat, barley and peas (the fermentation agents’ raw materials) with natural underground water from Shaanxi province. The solid state fermentation takes place in the mud pit at the temperature of 140F for one month and the distillation is repeated several times with the same batch and the added raw materials. The final base liquor’s ABV is as high as 65%. The base liquor will be placed in a huge container named “the sea of the liquor”, which is made out of rattan, cotton and hem paper, sealed with bee wax and rapeseed oil and dry out before used for aging.  Alcohol: 45%


Xi Feng Jiu Feng Xiang 10 Years

Xi Feng Jiu is made with premium sorghums, wheat, barley and peas (the fermentation agents’ raw materials) with natural underground water from Shaanxi province. It takes at least 3 years of aging before blending and bottling. This Xifeng Jiu-Feng Xiang Jing Dian has a fresh nose with touches of cherry and pine, and a scorching hot body. Finish with a syrupy sweetness.  Alcohol52%




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