About Us

Discover Our Passion - Elevating Your Beverage Experience. Quality, Diversity, and Excellence Define Our Mission.

Co-Ho Imports

Where every sip tells a story of excellence.

Pouring Excellence Since 2004 - Your Gateway to Exceptional Beverages. From the heart of the Pacific Northwest, Co-Ho Imports has served premium imported beer, wine, sake, and distilled spirits to both vibrant retail markets and discerning restaurants.

Our journey spans four remarkable states: Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Alaska. As dedicated curators, we proudly represent renowned suppliers and a stunning array of premium beverages. But it's not just what we bring, it's how we serve. Our commitment is twofold: delivering top-notch customer service and unwavering quality.

Our Purpose

At Co-Ho Imports, our unwavering purpose is to deliver excellence in alcoholic beverage distribution. We source and deliver premium wines, spirits, and specialty drinks from around the world, enriching your beverage experience with quality and distinction.

Our Vision

Be the Ultimate Destination for Premium Beverages, Connecting Connoisseurs and Businesses Worldwide. Celebrating Quality and Taste, One Sip at a Time.

Our Core Values

Our Core Values: Quality, Integrity, Partnership. We don't compromise on quality. We're guided by integrity in every step. Partnerships are our cornerstone, uniting us in the pursuit of excellence.

Our Culture

At Co-Ho Imports, excellence is our culture. We're a passionate, innovative team committed to delivering the finest products with diversity and quality at our core.